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[Split] Visual Studio 2010 and VS Addin

  • I am trying to evaluate Qt add-in to Visual Studio, but only have access to VS 2010 at the moment. While the Qt menu appears in VS 2010, it won't let me set the default version, which is a 4.7.2 source tree that I built from a VS 2010 command prompt. When I try to add the Qt version it says "This Qt version is not compatible to your current Visual Studio (Qt builds VS version: 1500, current version: 1600)". Am I out of luck and have to rustle up an old copy of VS or is there some way to hack around this?

  • It looks that it was a bug in the VS add-in, "link":http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTVSADDINBUG-68 - and it has been fixed, so download the add-in again and it should work or switch to version 1.1.8.

  • Thanks for the pointer!

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