QSqlTabelModel - QTableView - insertRecord not editable [solved]

  • When I insert a new record in a SqlTableModel, I can see this new row in the table, with empty fields but I cannot edit it. The row marker gets a "!".
    Editing for old records works correctly. When I refresh the TableModel (after SubmitAll) I see this new record.

    So my question why are the new fields empty and how to edit a just inserted record ?

    void Lession_Dlg::on_NewBtn_clicked()
        QSqlRecord r = tblLession->record();
        r.setGenerated(0, false);           // auto primary key
        r.setValue("IDCategory", IDCat);
        r.setValue("LessionName", "x");
        tblLession->insertRecord(0, r);
        QModelIndex i = tblLession->index(0, 2);

  • I found out that the problem is the auto_increment_primary_key once again. It seem not possible to edit a new record in the grid (like in a MSAccess table).

    In an other thread here I had as similar problem. I tried to get back the primary key from an InsertRecord action in an QSqlTableModel. I thought this was solved, but it worked only by random sometimes. The problem is that after QSqlTable::subimtAll() the new record changes it position and I dont know where I can read it back.

    I found a lot of threads in the internet about this topic but nowhere a really compatible solution for it. Why is this common task in Qt so complicated ? What is the conclusion ?

    The auto-primary-key functionality is not is not really possible in Qt ?
    Do never use it in Qt ?

    Must I implement my own multi-user primary-key mechanism ?

  • This is how I managed something similar:

    • When you insertRecord() you do so at a known record number.
    • Fetch the new record at that record number. It has not moved.
    • Store the allocated unique ID from the record (qint64 or the QVariant)
    • Do whatever it is you are doing that reorders the rows.
    • Find the inserted row using the allocated unique ID using something like:
    QModelIndex idCol = tableModel->index(0, 0);
    QModelIndexList indexes = tableModel->match(idCol, Qt::EditRole, QVariant(id), 1, Qt::MatchExactly);
    // desired row is the first entry in indexes (if any found);

    You may find that turning off sorting in views while you do the insert helps. It will stop the view moving the inserted row and getting confused.

  • Hi @ChrisW67 thank you for your answer.

    Here what I found out:

    The new record does not move after submitAll if no sorting and really no filter is applied.
    I had in my test-code Model.setFilter(""); This should do nothing but it changes indeed the position of the new record. Has the TabelModel a function for really disabling the filter ?

    In my other example I need a tableview for the model and a sorting and filtering. Here is it not possible to get the new PK! So the way to edit a new inserted record is:
    Save the record in an independent TableModel, getPK, refresh the TableView and jump to the new record.
    An other way is, because in this example I dont really need the new PK, insert a record at a specific position without SubmitAll() and jump to the new row. For this the model must be in ManualSubmit mode which I dont like. I prefer RowChange or CellCange saving.
    I tried switch to ManualSubmit -> Insert Record -> jump to it -> RowChangeSubmit.
    Bit this does not work. RowChangeSubmit performs a SubmitAll instantly and I dont know where the new record is.
    Has somebody a solution or must I take always ManualSubmit ?

  • An empty string should disable the filter. However, if the underlying select it active then it will trigger calling select() which resets the model.

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