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How can I make a window same as Mac's Textured window and remove resizable mark on right bottom of the window?

  • I know setAttribute(Qt::WA_MacBrushedMetal, true); method can make my window look similar to Mac's Textured window but it is not exactly same.

    Created by Qt with setAttribute(Qt::WA_MacBrushedMetal, true);

    Mac's textured window

    As you can see, the metallic brush painted on the Qt's window has different gradation when we compare to Mac's pure textured window.
    Can I make Qt Window exactly same as the Mac's textured window?
    And I have one more question, can I remove the image on the right bottom of the window which usually means the window is resizable?

  • Which classes are you using to do that? Is that a QMainWindow with a inner QWidget?

    The grip in the lower right corner is a QSizeGrip, btw. It's enabled when using QMainWindow with a QStatusBar (see QStatusBar::setSizeGripEnabled).

  • Thank you poppe, I successfully removed the "QSizeGrip".

    And yes, it's a QMainWindow with a inner QWidget.

  • I would try to get rid of the QMainWindow completely. Just use a QWidget as the base class for your dialog.

  • Andre, I've tried that but not worked.

  • BTW ... disabling the size grip is highly annoying. One cannot enlarge a dialog to see all the input in a line edit, for example. See your dialog as a bad example.

    Regarding the metal brush: this could be a Carbon/Cocoa issue (Qt is delivered/can be compiled for both OS X flavors) - I didn't test it myself, though it's just a guess.

  • Thank you Volker.
    In fact, what I'm doing now is moving native win32 or COCOA based applications (including some of wxWidgets based) into Qt to identify what kinds of things Qt can do without native win32 or COCOA APIs.
    I agree to you about resizing dialogs, but my designers usually offer guide lines contain fixed-sized windows thus it is important to know how to remove the size grip to me.

  • I just tried it and there is no difference between a Qt build against Carbon or Cocoa. For now I have no further idea, what you can do to create the "right" look of the dialog.

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