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Team Proto - A Qt application with iOS native look and feel

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    I would like to share my project of using Qt here. Its name is Team Proto , it is an iOS application with native look and feel. It helps teams with user interface prototyping, presentation, and documentation. It turns handwriting sketches into interactive mockups or storyboard, which help obtain feedback in a faster way. No coding required.


    The link to App Store

    Why I choose Qt for this project? Ofcoz, we like Qt ;)

    That is not the only reason. The software has come with an image scanner that help to detect the handwriting sketches. And we don’t target iOS only, Android will also be supported. It shouldn’t write the computer vision engine (based on OpenCV) for twice. C/C++ will be the only choice.


    However, Qt is still not a perfect solution for cross platform mobile application development. The UI component set with native look and feel is definitely not enough.

    Finally, we have decided to develop our own components. Since we love open source software, we like sharing. We have started an open source project with an open source developer, Hilary Cheng.


    QuickIOS is just a side project, it is usable (at least we could publish the application), but API is not mature yet.

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    Looks good !

    You might want to get in touch with Attila Csipa and JP Nurmi about the iOS/Android QML components to avoid duplicating efforts

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    Would you like to have that on the Qt Showroom? (
    If so, please send a chat message and I can help you with that.

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    @tekojo Sure! thx.

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