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Best way to scroll on mouse move to "edge/out of" of screen

  • Hi, I want to make my a vertical and horizontal scrollable area, and one of the challenges is scrolling without clicking. Right now I'm using a 1ms intervall Timer that is activated when the mouse is at about 10 pixels from the edges of screen.

    I wonder if there is a better approach. All I want to do is change the "click and drag anywhere" behaviour of Flickable to a "move at the edge or outside window" one. Flickable has some nice properties, like flickDeceleration and max velocity that would be nice to have.


  • I think you can try with using MouseArea hoverEnabled property and somehow activate Flickable scrolling on mouse moving.

  • Yes, that's the trick. Only by faking (c++) a mouse click I would be able to do that. As it stands, I'm trying to find a suitable animation and its values to simulate deceleration.

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