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Qtcreator builds from old sources

  • I'm trying to write a small app that will read an xml file. but for the moment I am stuck because only some of the changes I make are actually shown in the application.
    The program keeps building an old version of the program in some way ...

    I tried cleaning the project both from the interface and manually.
    I tried creating a new project and moving the code into the new project and that didn't work.
    I tried to move the code in a new function and even that didn't work.
    I tried making changes to the interface and added code in the same source file... the changes worked but the old code keeps giving me messages that are by now ancient.

    I have no warning or any kind of build issues and I am definitely out of ideas now

  • You can try to clean the project and then to rebuild it. You can also execute qmake manually from the console.

    [quote author="harlequin.64" date="1304444444"]
    I tried creating a new project and moving the code into the new project and that didn't work.

    Are you sure in your source at all?


  • Yes. I print some stuff to the terminal so I am sure that I didn't mistake the file or forget to delete something.
    The output to the terminal is something from the beginning when I was still testing to see if it runs.
    Since then I have added a bit more code and when it came time to test it i still got the old trace messages in the console.

    I am new to qt so I don't know if this helps but I checked the run in terminal option in the project menu

  • Can you share some source code and output?

  • Not right now. Tomorow

  • Same happened here. My approach:

    • Make sure the executable is deleted when make-cleaning the project.
    • Also, make sure the cleaning option removes any file other than ui_*, *.cpp & *.h
    • If on Linux, use touch command on every file you relate to. If not, make sure every file has been modified before compiling, so the compiler would take them into account.
    • Beware of Qt Designer's "shadow build" option... Toy with it a little bit and see if this helps.
    • Don't be shy to close and reopen Qt Designer, should you be using it.
    • Are you moving Qt sources between projects? You may be trying to compile older files. See the compiler's individual commands & outputs.

    Good luck!

  • The build tools are based on modification times of files. So are you sure all the clocks build into the computers accessing the files are set up correctly? A fileserver being off by a couple of hours somewhere can cause a lot of trouble!

  • In the end I think it was my fault. It was a big xml file and I didn't check every section to make sure everything was OK.
    An army of debug output later I realized the problem was in the xml file.

    Though it was a big coincidence that the new bad output was the same as the old good output

  • BUT you rightfully worked it out. Congrats! ;)

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