[SOLVED] Qt debugger doesn't seem to work anymore

  • I'm hoping somebody call help me troubleshoot.
    I'm using Qt Creator 3.1.2 / Qt 5.3.1 on Windows 8.1 (64bit) and MSVC2012 for the compiler.

    I'll set a breakpoint in code, and run in debug mode. The breakpoint triggers and I get into the code and can see the call stack. But then any attempt to step into it, and nothing happens.. Now and again if I wait 30-45 seconds, it'll actually start stepping through, but often when that does work I can't seem to watch the value of any variables.. More often than not, it just sits there until I force-quit (by choosing Debug->Abort Debugging). This situation has rendered the debugger completely useless.

    I have to believe it's supposed to work and be pretty quick too.

    What might I look at first to try to troubleshoot? I have already tried full clean/rebuild and reboot. The problem persists.


  • So while I didn't figure out why, I did resolve the problem by restoring my development VM to a snapshot I made right after initially installing Qt.. Now things work again as expected.

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