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Qt 5.3 Combobox component problem

  • Drop down menu of combobox component is shown on wrong position.

    main.cpp code:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QWidget *container = new QWidget;
        QHBoxLayout *layout = new QHBoxLayout(container);
        QQuickWidget *qmlWidget = new QQuickWidget(QUrl(QStringLiteral("qrc:/main.qml")));
        qmlWidget->setFixedSize(640, 480);
        container->resize(640, 900);
        return app.exec();

    main.qml code:

    import QtQuick 2.3
    import QtQuick.Controls 1.2
    Rectangle {
        id: mainRect
        width: 500
        height: 500
        ListModel {
            id: m
            ListElement { text: "1" }
            ListElement { text: "2" }
            ListElement { text: "3" }
        ComboBox {
            model: m
            width: 200
            height: 30
            anchors.centerIn: parent

    Drop down menu will be shown above combobox...
    P.S. I need to use Qt 5.3

  • Moderators

    @xumuk Works with Qt 5.4 :)
    Probably a bug in Qt 5.3

  • @p3c0 Yeah, in 5.4 it`s works...I know ))) But i need it to work in 5.3 (((

  • Moderators

    @xumuk Well, since it could be a bug in Qt 5.3 (as it works in Qt 5.4) I see no way to do so. AFAIK there are no methods to position a dropdown menu too.
    Still you may try using ComboBoxStyle and position the delegate inside it. But I doubt it may work.

  • @p3c0 I have already used ComboboxStyle to customize it, but still can`t solve this) Will try, ty for answer.