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QtCreator bug in BOOST_FOREACH - I kindly ask for your vote.

  • Hi,

    If there are some QtCreator enthusiasts/fans here, I would appreciate a small support by voting on bug in order to speed its fixing.
    Page for vote :

    It is very annoying bug for those who cannot yet use C++11 ‘for’ loop and are forced to use BOOST_FOREACH in the code.
    QtCreator does not find references/usages of any variables/functions/types used inside BOOST_FOREACH, generally making development much harder.
    It basically “hides the truth”.

    I hope that the more votes will be casted over this bug the sooner it gets fixed.

    P.S. I know that QtCreator is opensource project and in theory one could fix it, but diving into the QtCreator code (especially codemodel) is extremely hard and time consuming for a beginner.

    Thanks in advance!

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