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Qt Installer Framework Hide Buttons

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to change the buttons on the pages of the Qt Installer Framekwork.
    After the package updater is completed, there are two buttons available to the user: Restart and Finish. I would like to disable the Restart Button.
    I have tried

    Controller.prototype.FinishedPageCallback = function ()
      var widget = gui.currentPageWidget();

    but it did not work.
    What is the correct way to disable this button?

  • I wanted to do the same thing because our clients were confused about the restart button - they thought it would restart the application, not the maintenance tool.

    I didn't find a solution. The widget doesn't contain the buttons. There is a buttons variable you can use, but it contains the IDs of the buttons, not instances of something you can manipulate.

    What I ended up doing was automatically click finish in that dialog, automatically starting our application again:

    Controller.prototype.FinishedPageCallback = function()
        // Automatically press finish


  • I have the same problem ...
    ... there is a bug-report (
    ... but no solution.

  • これで行けました。

    function Controller()


    Controller.prototype.FinishedPageCallback = function()