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Subdirs project question(s)

  • Hi,

    I don´t know if this config is possible...

    I have a android app and a desktop app today, the android app send data to the desktop app on demand,I have tried to put these into a subdirs project but how do I get Qt to compile Android and Desktop projects with the "correct" kit ?

    Qt 5.4.1 and Qt-Creator 3.3.1 on 64bit Linux.

    // wincc

  • @wincc
    That is not the intend of subprojects. You can only compile those subdirs with the same tootl chain.

    Therefore, you need to create two projects where you can assign the appropriate toolchains per projects. When you have the two subprojects in the same session in creator, you can build both projects with "Build all" respectively "Ctrl+Shit+B".

  • @koahnig


    I didn't find anything in the documentation that clearly state that, but anyway thanks for the info.

    // wincc

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