[SOLVED] Combobox styling

  • How to use ComboboxStyle::background property? I tried this but it`s not working

    Rectangle {
        id: mainRect
        width: 500
        height: 500
            id: dataModel
            ListElement{ text: "Day" }
            ListElement{ text: "Week" }
            ListElement{ text: "Month" }
            ListElement{ text: "Year" }
        ComboBox {
            id: box
            model: dataModel
            style: ComboBoxStyle{
                background: Rectangle{
                    color: "red"
                label: Text{
                    text: control.currentText
            anchors.centerIn: parent

    I see only text in output (not clickable). What i`m doing wrong?

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    @xumuk Provide implicitWidth and implicitHeight for the Rectangle.

    implicitWidth: 120
    implicitHeight: 20

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    @xumuk Please mark it as solved if it worked so that others may understand that it has solution.

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