Maintenance Tool reports corrupted installation

  • I have Qt 5.4 on Windows 7(sp1), which was updated from an earlier installation of Qt5.0.
    When I start MaintenanceTool.exe I get an error dialog saying:
    Your installation seems to be corrupted. Please consider re-installing from scratch.

    When I hit ok the maintenance tool opens up and appears to work correctly.
    Qt Creator starts and seems to be working as well.
    Just wondering if there is a repair tool to fix whatever is wrong, or log files I can inspect to see if this is fixable, or should I follow the suggestion given and re-install?

    Here's what I have found so far...

    D:> MaintenanceTool.exe -v
    D:> IFW Version: "2.0.1"
    Build date: "May 12 2015"
    Installer Framework SHA1: "ad18fee"
    [0] Language: en-US
    [0] Arguments:  MaintenanceTool.exe, -v
    [1437] Critical: Operations missing for installed packages ("qt.511.win32_msvc2012", "
    _armv7", "qt.511.win32_mingw48", "qt.511.win32_msvc2010", "qt.511.win64_msvc2012_64_opengl", "qt.511
    .win32_msvc2010_opengl", "qt.511.win64_msvc2012_64", "qt.511")
    [1439] Critical: Orphaned operations ()
    [1439] created critical message box Corrupt_Installation_Error: 'Corrupt installation', Your install
    ation seems to be corrupted. Please consider re-installing from scratch.


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    Hi @LesF,

    It looks like nobody here knows how to answer your question. I suggest asking at the Interest mailing list (you need to subscribe first), to reach the Qt engineers.

  • Hi, I've encountered the same problem. I'm also running Qt on Windows 7(sp1) professional.

    As described above: when I start MaintenanceTool.exe I get an error dialog saying:
    "Your installation seems to be corrupted. Please consider re-installing from scratch."

    A few days later, the MaintenanceTool.exe would not start at all. So I can not uninstall Qt. . .

    The following solution will let you start MaintenanceTool.exe and let you uninstall Qt.
    Go to your Qt Folder on C:/Qt
    See if you can find a file called "MaintenanceTool.dat"
    -> In my case, I could not find it, and it appeared to be named as "MaintenanceTool.dat.New".
    Rename the "MaintenanceTool.dat.New" file to -> "MaintenanceTool.dat"
    Try relaunching MaintenanceTool.exe (It should start now)
    Select the "Uninstall Only" box, then press "Next", then press "Uninstall".

    If you need, Re-install Qt by downloading a fresh version from the Qt website.

    Hope this helps. Nick D.

  • I've also started getting the infamous "your installation seems to be corrupted" message after installing Qt 5.10.0. Other than resorting to a complete reinstall, does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Hi @rmam
    Looks like there could be several reasons for this. I would suggest searching bugreports ( and see if something there matches your situation.

    And in case you have run into something new, please open a bug there.

  • @rmam
    Same here. Was experimenting on a QML example which was working fine, then hit the Designer button by accident which told me there was some error in one of the QML files, after which ALL qml examples, including my example started to crash, even after restarting the computer.

    When trying to uninstall, I got the same corruption message.

    Update: Upon debugging, seems that the crash always happen in a DLL (ig9icd64) from the graphics card driver, so I probably need to reinstall the driver.

    Update2: reinstalling the Intel graphics driver solved the problem. Wonder how a graphics driver can get corrupted though...

  • I had a case where the Maintenance tool crashed during installation (note: don't fool around with the "show details" button). In my case,

    • I used -v option to reveal the corrupted packages
    • Uninstalled those using MaintenanceTool
    • Cleaned up any remaining files in the corresponding folders (in my case, it was a whole Qt version, so that means I just deleted the folder after uninstall)
    • Searched the MaintenanceTool.dat file for any remaining occurrences of the offending package, and deleted those after making a backup of the original file
    • Reinstalled the package(s)

    So far, so good (keeping fingers crossed)

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