Maintenance Tool reports corrupted installation

  • I have Qt 5.4 on Windows 7(sp1), which was updated from an earlier installation of Qt5.0.
    When I start MaintenanceTool.exe I get an error dialog saying:
    Your installation seems to be corrupted. Please consider re-installing from scratch.

    When I hit ok the maintenance tool opens up and appears to work correctly.
    Qt Creator starts and seems to be working as well.
    Just wondering if there is a repair tool to fix whatever is wrong, or log files I can inspect to see if this is fixable, or should I follow the suggestion given and re-install?

    Here's what I have found so far...

    D:> MaintenanceTool.exe -v
    D:> IFW Version: "2.0.1"
    Build date: "May 12 2015"
    Installer Framework SHA1: "ad18fee"
    [0] Language: en-US
    [0] Arguments:  MaintenanceTool.exe, -v
    [1437] Critical: Operations missing for installed packages ("qt.511.win32_msvc2012", "
    _armv7", "qt.511.win32_mingw48", "qt.511.win32_msvc2010", "qt.511.win64_msvc2012_64_opengl", "qt.511
    .win32_msvc2010_opengl", "qt.511.win64_msvc2012_64", "qt.511")
    [1439] Critical: Orphaned operations ()
    [1439] created critical message box Corrupt_Installation_Error: 'Corrupt installation', Your install
    ation seems to be corrupted. Please consider re-installing from scratch.


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    Hi @LesF,

    It looks like nobody here knows how to answer your question. I suggest asking at the Interest mailing list (you need to subscribe first), to reach the Qt engineers.

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