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Writing QString into file is weird

  • I try to write an QString into an file with this code:

    // Write new.
    			QFile f(QDir::homePath() + "/test/conf");
    			if (f.open(QIODevice::ReadWrite))
    				QTextStream wr(&f);
    				wr << "# do not edit\n" << endl
    				<< "[qvapt]\nqvapt_path = " << window->qvaptDllPath << endl
    				<< "qvapt_name = " << window->qvaptDllVersion << endl << endl
    				<< "[window]\nlast_window_state = " << window->theWindowState
    				<< endl;
    						// TODO: more

    qvaptDllPath is QString qvaptDllPath = "/home/jan/qvapt-0.1.1/qvapt_sdk.dll"; (currently pre-defined for testing), but all what I get is this in the file:

    qvapt_path = 0xcccc060

    How can I fix this to write the "real" string?

    ~ jan

  • Hi jjan,

    add QIODevice::Text flag to f.opencall

  • @sneubert

    Thanks for this, but this returns:

    QFile::open: File access not specified.

    BTW: Writing window->theWindowState which is QString theWindowState; works perfectly!

  • with add i mean
    f.open(QIODevice::ReadWrite | QIODevice::Text)

  • @sneubert

    Works perfectly! I've made the mistake to add it over an comma. Thanks!

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