QJsEngine vs QScripEngine speed

  • As far as I understood the QScriptEngine class is being replaced by the QJSEngine class. I also read QJSEngine should be more efficient. I however experience the opposite, the execution of the script function I have becomes about 10 times slower with QJSEngine compared to QScriptEngine, and a factor of 100 slower compared to using QScriptEngine together with QScriptProgram (I tested calling the function below 1000 times in a loop, got about 3000, 300 and 30 msec). My function looks like this, it calculates the gas density based on a user-specified function of pressure and temperature:

    double computeScriptFunction(const double &p, const double &T, const QString &program)const{
    static ScriptEngine e;
    static ScriptValue globObj;
    static bool isInit=false;
    globObj = e.globalObject();
    isInit = true;
    ScriptValue val = e.evaluate(program);
    return val.toNumber();

    ScriptEngine and ScriptValue are here typedefs for QJSEngine/QScriptEngine and QJSValue/QScriptValue depending on what I want to use. The code I use when using QScriptProgram is identical except that the function input is a QScriptProgram and not a QString.

    Does anyone have any experience with the speed of QJSEngine vs QScriptEngine?
    Does there exist anything similar to QScriptProgram for QJSEngine?

    Regards, Ivar

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