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How remove invisible breakpoints

  • Some days ago I made a breakpoint in a Qt lib (database) I assume.
    This breakpoint is not visible in the breakpoint-panel nor in the code editor.
    Though it stops at a specific line of my code, but I cannot debug in.

    Remove all breakpoints helps for the moment, but when I enable an other breakpoint I get once again a stop a the specific line. This breakpoind has the same number as my legal breakpoint. Bug ?
    What to do ?????

    (The breakpoint is in QODBCDriverPlugin::Create)

  • @Andy314
    I have similar experience with breakpoints. I suspect that the breakpoints in another project. Those hidden breakpoints are mainly in my own code.
    When it stops at such a breakpoint, I press F9 twice and it shows the breakpoint which I switch off with pressing F9 a third time. Afterwards the application does not stop any more at this location. Presumably hitting F9 once is sufficient.

  • No, nothing helps.
    An uneven pressing of F9 generates an additional (visible) break point.
    No effect on this damned invisible breakpoint.
    Does somebody know where, in which file, the Creator stores the breakpoint positions?

  • @koahnig
    The hint on the breakpoint in an other projekt was very helpfull.
    Indeed the problem has to do with an other file with the same pure filename in an other path and an other projekt. I could not reproduce a full deterministic behaviour, but I got strange effect in this context. The stopping at the invisible breakpoint depends on the position of the legal breakpoint !???
    I solved the problem by renanaming the file to an unique name.

    Nevertheless this is a bug of the Creator and should be fixed !

  • @Andy314

    You should file a bug report on JIRA The forum is not tracked for bug reports. There would be no way to have a follow-up.

    Under windows you find information stored by Qt creator under c:\Users...\AppData\Roaming\QtProject .
    In the subfolder qtcreator you will find .qws per session. I would expect that the relevant information is in there, but do not know.

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