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setWindowModality problem!!!

  • i use setWindowModality to dynamically change a QDockWidget's modality.
    but i met a problem!

    void MyDockWidget::closeEvent(QCloseEvent* event)
    if (windowModality() == Qt::ApplicationModal)  //WindowModality also failed...

    here i want to reset it back to non-modal....but after i close the modal one....the whole Qt app including the MainWindow and other windows Cannot clicked....the whole app seems be Frozen....i don;t know why...

  • it seems like the Mainwindow and other windows still keep the state while the QDockWidget is modal......frozen there...cannot click anywhere...
    and i tried to setFocus to the Mainwindow...still not worked....

  • anyone know met this problem?

  • As far as I understand modality should not be changed after widget is shown,
    It is not simply a state, it is much more.
    Question is why do you want to do it.
    Mostly likely you should change the design to avoid this.
    But here is what documentation says:
    "Changing this property while the window is visible has no effect; you must hide() the widget first, then show() it again."

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