Design mode does not work

  • When I open a qml file in design mode of qtcreator 3.4, same parts are just black. I see the preview but the property part is totaly black, so I can't change any property. With qtcreator 3.1.1 on the same computer and with the same project, everything is working correctly. I have already reinstalled qt but this has not helped. Two weeks ago it worked with qtcreator 3.4. In the meantime I have only made the normal updates (kubuntu 15.04). Can anybody help me please?

  • Hi,
    I have seen a handful of people complaining about this before. Please see the bug tracker and see if the issue has already been reported:

  • We changed the way the QtQuick UI is integrated from QQuickWindow to QQuickWidget.
    Your issue is most likely related to this change. Please create a bug report including detailed information on your setup
    (graphics card, driver etc.).

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