QML Slider different from QWidget Slider..Why?

  • OK. Maybe I'm missing something obvious.

    With a QWidget based slider, you can set a min/max, set a tic interval, set the step size for handle movement for both a standard step and a page step. You can set the handle position to any value between the min and max and have it position to a value between tic marks.

    With a QML Slider, the step size IS the tic interval. If you set a handle position (slider:value) between tick marks it does not move at all until it gets a value change of at least the tic interval size. It does not even accumulate minor increments less than a tic interval.

    This behavior renders the QML Slider with tic marks virtually useless.

    What am I missing? Do I need to create my own slider version in QML?

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