Customer support these days!

  • As a developer you have to have a web presence, email and all that good stuff if you want to enhance your business.

    Like most, I employ a fairly well known popular general purpose web host. I use their email servers to get my company email and I use FTP to/from my website to provide customer support. I also have automatic updates built into some of my software and those pieces of software can reach out and look for updates stored in a special place within my site.

    My site is not a high-traffic site. It is mostly informational and has some examples of what I've done over 30 years.

    Yesterday I build a new version of a project I'm working on and when my build script which to push the updates to the website I got the error "connection was forcibly closed by the remote host".

    Of course I tried it again. Same error. I rebooted my development machine. Same error. This push had worked just fine a few days ago.

    I then switched to my MacBookPro using Transmit and tried to manually transfer the updates to the site. Not surprisingly, same error.

    So I created a support request. In that request I stated I'd tried several different FTP client programs and several different computers all get the same error.

    Now since I do my own customer support of my products if I were to read my support request I would be able to infer:

    Ok he knows his IP address because he has tried several different computers. He also obviously has a more than basic understanding of FTP. Perhaps I should look into this a little deeper.

    But no... the response I got from the support group was:


    Please use Filezilla client, FTP IP is listed in Hosting Control Panel

    Please feel free to contact us again at any time if you need additional assistance. Thank you for contacting us.

    Best regards,

    I personally find this to be the most useless customer support response I've ever had. Telling me to switch FTP clients and go find my IP address is almost an insult.

    What has happened to customer support where people actually cared and tried to solve your issue?

    Ok done ranting for a bit.

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