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[SOLVED] Default Value Parameters (1 array, 1 Default)

  • Hello.

    For my computer Science teacher, he required us to have a function with a default value; however, I'm running into difficulties when I attempt to pass an array into this function.


    the .cpp

    int valChars[TOT_CHARS];
        ///call randNum(int *) to fill the int array

    the function in question

    void MainGame2::randNum (int valChars[],int TOT_CHARS = 7)

    the header

       void randNum (int valChars[] , int TOT_CHARS);

  • Hi,

    in C++ you have to declare the argument default value in the function declaration (in the .h file)

    // MainGame2.h
    class MainMage2
      void randNum(int valChars[], int TOT_CHARS = 7);
    // MainGame.cpp
    void MainGame2::randNum(int valChars[], int TOT_CHARS)

  • Thank you.

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