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TextInput and openSoftwareInputPanel on Windows

  • Hi,

    is it possible to open a system virtual keyboard on a desktop? Or subclass a user custom keyboard control for this (preferred variant)? That it pops up when TextInput gets a focus? For example there is a nice keyboard in Colibri library and I can create a custom TextInput control to incorporate it in but may be there is a more generic way of doing this.

  • Looks like it was already discussed: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/1486 , http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/2565

    but with 'openSoftwareInputPanel' it is not so clear for me.

  • Just a short summary:
    void TextInput::openSoftwareInputPanel () sends QEvent::RequestSoftwareInputPanel
    void TextInput::closeSoftwareInputPanel () sends QEvent::CloseSoftwareInputPanel

    Handle these events to show/hide a VirtualKeyboard on QML side.

    VirtualKeyboard sends keypress events calling c++ helper function:
    @public slots:
    Q_INVOKABLE void sendKey(const QString &key)
    QKeyEvent event(QEvent::KeyPress, 0, Qt::NoModifier, key);
    QGraphicsItem *focusItem = scene()->focusItem();
    if (focusItem)
    scene()->sendEvent(focusItem, &event);

    @VirtualKeyboard {
    width: 360
    height: sidebar.height
    rows: 4
    columns: 11
    keys: "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ .-+_/0123456789"
    onHideKeyboard: sidebar.show = false
    onLetterClicked: mainWindow.sendKey(letter)

  • And this is a version for the QtQuick2ApplicationViewer:

    @const QString character;
    QtQuick2ApplicationViewer *viewer;
    QKeyEvent event(QEvent::KeyPress, 0, Qt::NoModifier, character);
    if (viewer)
    viewer->sendEvent(viewer->activeFocusItem(), &event);@

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