Any tool for 3D (4D) Visualization of MRI Data using ITK and VTK

  • Hello Everyone,

    Well I am doing medical engineering and use Qt Creator in combination with ITK and VTK library. Until now, each time I want to look at my results I have to load them into ITK-SNAP (File->Open Image etc.) which is getting annoying. I have seen that there are many visualization tools such as 3D Slicer ( but I do not understand if and if yes how they can be directly integrated into Qt Creator? I would like to run my program in Qt Creator and in the end it automatically visualizes the data. Of course there are some short code examples using QtApplication that visualize data but these are not as sophisticated as 3D Slicer or ITK-SNAP.

    I do not have a talent in CMake, SVN and such and so far included ITK and VTK manually using the .pro file. But if someone could explain me if it is possible and roughly how I can make Qt Creator visualize my data right after so I'd appreciate. The best would be that I can also show 3D MRI data over time respectively 4D MRI as well as 3D vectorfields!


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