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Qt Installer Framework: How to allow only Updates?

  • I am attempting to create an updater tool for my already installed application in a locked-down system. The Maintenance tool from the Qt Installer Framework seems perfect, with its integration with remote repositories, but I would need to remove the "Add" and "Remove" components options, leaving only the "Update" option.

    I already tried installer.removeWizardPageItem(component, "UninstallerRadioButton")
    and gui.pageById(QInstaller.Introduction).UninstallerRadioButton.hide()
    with no success :-(

    Is there any way to remove those radio buttons by using scripting?

  • Solution:

    Controller.prototype.IntroductionPageCallback = function()
        // Installer is "updater" when it is run with "--updater"
        // or Controller does "installer.setUpdater()"
        if (installer.isUpdater()) {
            var widget = gui.currentPageWidget(); // Same as gui.pageById(QInstaller.Introduction);
            widget.findChild("UpdaterRadioButton").checked = true;
            // Disable paint events on these widgets, through the QWidget::updatesEnabled property.
            // I tried with the "visible" property, but it is not enough, because for some reason
            // that property gets reset under some conditions. For example, if "Next" button is pressed
            // and no updates are available.
            widget.findChild("PackageManagerRadioButton").updatesEnabled = false;
            widget.findChild("UninstallerRadioButton").updatesEnabled = false;