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[SOLVED] Loading a MainForm

  • Hello everybody.

    Newbie user trying QML.

    I am trying to load another form from a returned value from a c++ function basically it goes like this.

    You click a button calls a function then returns a QString.

    Button {
         id: button
         onClicked: {
               mainForm.visible = false
               login.validate(user.text, pass.text).visible = true

    The login.validate(user.text, pass.text) returns a QString that will match the id of one of my other ui forms.
    The problem is that it does not load that form and I'm at a loss of why not.
    Any help of what I'm doing wrong is appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Moderators

    Hi @Citizen19 and Welcome,
    id is a special attribute and it doesn’t work like other properties which means you cannot access it at runtime. You can check it as follows:

    console.log(login.validate(user.text, pass.text).visible)
    //should print 'undefined'

    Check more info here.
    You can use something like this

    var formname = login.validate(user.text, pass.text);
       form1.visible = true //form1 = id of form

  • Thank you p3c0 that worked.

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    @Citizen19 Glad that helped you :) You can mark the post as solved by editing the post title and prepend [Solved].
    Also to post code blocks please add it inside and ``` (3 backticks) and end with the same. It will display it nicely and will be more readable.

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