Qt 5.4.1 compiler can't be found

  • hello,
    i have just installed Qt version 5.4.1 and cannot run anything because it does not recognize any compiler. how can i install any compiler(prefferable GCC) and make it relevant for Qt? thanks.

  • @Omri
    Depending on OS you have to install the compiler seperately.
    Which OS are you using?
    Is GCC already installed?

  • I have windows 7 and MinGW is installed..it writes it down in the compilers though doesn't recognize it. what can i do? thank you.

  • Under "Tools"->"Options" there is "Build&Run" use the "Compilers" tab and add the compiler by selecting the bin folder where the compiler is stored. This is probably c:\Qt\Tools\MinGW???????\bin\g++.exe.
    You might have to do some changes also for "Kits", "Qt Versions" and "Debuggers". Check those tabs, if there is an attention sign or something else.

  • i can see what you said already in the compilers and the path you said is written automatically.
    in the QT versions and kits i can see an attention and sign and it's written down(under the qmake location):"No compiler can produce code for this Qt version. please define one or more compilers."

  • Apparently, you have not chosen a compatible Qt libs version. The libraries are dependent on different compilers. Therefore, you have to install the MinGW version.

  • your were right now it works thanks a lot!!!

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