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QAbtractSocket bind flags

  • QAbstractSocket::bind allows different bind flags..
    QAbstractSocket::ShareAddress is defined as:
    Allow other services to bind to the same address and port. This is useful when multiple processes share the load of a single service by listening to the same address and port (e.g., a web server with several pre-forked listeners can greatly improve response time).

    I am wondering what is capable to do. Binding to the same IP address and the same port with QTcpSocket may not make sense at all. At least one will require multiple sockets on the other side as well, because of the different TCP handling of data packets.

    For QUdpSockets this is different. UDP sends a data packet and does not care, if it is received. However, when trying to bind twice to the same port no information is coming through. Does anyone know if there is a restriction?