Menus freeze application temporarily

  • When I first run the application, if I bring up a menu (context, or menubar) then hide that menu (by moving to the next menu, or clicking outside the menu) it causes the application to freeze for a couple of seconds. After some investigation it appears to be trying to clean up a pbuffer object when the menu is closed, but it first creates a new QOffscreenSurface to do so. Once all the menus have created their fallback surfaces everything progresses better. Still isn't as smooth as native menus but its good enough.

    9 ?? /usr/lib/nvidia-346/ 0x7ffff291eba2
    10 glXCreatePbuffer /usr/lib/nvidia-346/ 0x7ffff291a868
    11 QGLXPbuffer::QGLXPbuffer qglxintegration.cpp 709 0x7fffe2092c0b
    12 QXcbIntegration::createPlatformOffscreenSurface qxcbintegration.cpp 290 0x7fffe20574e0
    13 QOffscreenSurface::create qoffscreensurface.cpp 169 0x7ffff385f279
    14 QSGThreadedRenderLoop::releaseResources qsgthreadedrenderloop.cpp 1049 0x7ffff6b9d0a7
    15 QSGThreadedRenderLoop::windowDestroyed qsgthreadedrenderloop.cpp 820 0x7ffff6b9b95e
    16 QQuickWindow::~QQuickWindow qquickwindow.cpp 1111 0x7ffff6bd592d
    17 QQuickPopupWindow::~QQuickPopupWindow qquickpopupwindow_p.h 43 0x7fffd5edaa4c
    18 QQuickMenuPopupWindow::~QQuickMenuPopupWindow qquickmenupopupwindow_p.h 41 0x7fffd5f05389
    19 QQuickMenuPopupWindow::~QQuickMenuPopupWindow qquickmenupopupwindow_p.h 41 0x7fffd5f053c2
    20 qDeleteInEventHandler qobject.cpp 4391 0x7ffff34803b5

    Specifically this bit of code which creates a new pbuffer every time the popup window closes

    if (!window->handle()) {
    qCDebug(QSG_LOG_RENDERLOOP) << "- using fallback surface";
    fallback = new QOffscreenSurface();

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