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[SOLVED]multi-thread & network problem !

  • i use a new thread to tick Network IO.
    and a QTimer ticking in the Main Thread to readData from the server.
    also the data is sended from the Main Thread.
    here is my question, eg:

    1. i enter the login info in ClassA in the main thread, and send the info to the server;
    2. a func in ClassA is called in the QTimer in the Main Thread in order to process the readData from the server.

    is it OK? and what should i do between the 2 step above, should i block the Main Thread until the step 2 succeed?

  • HI,

    my suggestion is never block the Main Thread; if you need that the step 2 is completed before doing something else use a signal to tell the main thread the data are received

  • is there any way to make the whole window and controls Disable before step 2 is done?

  • Hi,

    you can use QWidget::setEnabled() to disable and disable a Widget

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