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Qt Creator seems to ignore QRC (M300 Unknown Component)

  • Hi everyone.
    I am using the latest Qt Creator 3.4.0 and I couldn't really figure out why it keeps on giving me M300 on my QML components.

    I have a file structure like this:


    My QRC file looks like this:

      <qresource prefix="/">
        <file alias="common1.qml">qml/common1.qml</file>
        <file alias="common2.qml">qml/common2.qml</file>
        <file alias="A1.qml">qml/folder1/A1.qml</file>
        <file alias="A2.qml">qml/folder1/A2.qml</file>
        <file alias="B1.qml">qml/folder2/B1.qml</file>
        <file alias="B2.qml">qml/folder2/B2.qml</file>

    When I build the project everything works fine. I used prefix="/" for simplicity, so I can refer to resources simply with "qrc:/xxx.qml"

    However, in Qt Creator, if in A1.qml I use the "common1" component it underlines it in red and says "Unknown Component (M300)"
    This is pretty annoying because I completely loose the autocompletion feature, so I always need to remember which properties I defined on each component (and keep a million of files open to look them up every time)

    Is this a bug or is there a way to workaround it and make Creator happy ?

    Thanks !

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