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SVG: Fill color and mouseover

  • Hello,

    I would like to have SVG icons in my application so they look nice when scaled on higher DPI. Also I want to support custom themes without the need to create the icons in different colors.

    So I was trying around with QSvgWidget.
    I would change the fill color by loading the widget from a QByteArray and doing a replace("fill:#000000", "fill:#FF0000"); on it first for example.
    For a hover effect, I would create two widgets in different colors and then replace them if events occur.

    But I wonder if there isn't an easier way to do all this?
    I was not able to get a onmouseover="setAttribute('fill'..." working with a QSvgWidget, so I think it's not supported.

    I'm happy about any idea!

    Thank you very much!

  • @qtacc32 said in SVG: Fill color and mouseover:


    Nothing about this?

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    As far as i know there is no better way than to parse and handle
    the svg yourself. maybe parse once, create hover pixmap version and use that.