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QtIFW 2.0 --checkupdates fails

  • Hi,

    I implemented an update check mechanism in our application, using the maintenancetool installed into the application folder. I use the output of maintenancetool --checkupdates, and it worked perfectly when I was using IFW 1.5.

    I updated to IFW 2.0, and it stopped working on new installations. Applications that are installed already still detect the updates correctly. Could it be that the maintenancetool itself is not replaced when updating?

    When I use maintenancetool --checkupdates -v, I now get the following error:

    [0] create Error-Exception: "Installers cannot check for updates."

    Running the maintenancetool and choose update there still works perfectly.

  • Hi, I got the same problem.

    Now it seems solved using latest IFW release but I got some warnings.

    I posted a bugreport:

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