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Build Oracle 64 bits with Qt 5.4.0 on Windows

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to build the Oracle 64 bits driver for my application on Windows 7 64 bits using MSVC. But I usully have the following error :

    link /NOLOGO /DYNAMICBASE /NXCOMPAT /DEBUG /DLL /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /VERSION:5.40 /OUT:........\plugins\sqldrivers\qsqlocid.dll @C:\Users\BILO
    NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\PROGRA~2\MICROS~1.0\VC\bin\link.EXE' : return code '0xc0000135'
    NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\PROGRA~2\MICROS~1.0\VC\bin\nmake.exe' : return code '0x2'

    The commands I used are :
    set INCLUDE=%INCLUDE%;C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server\oci\include
    set LIB=%LIB%;C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server\oci\lib\MSVC
    cd C:\Qt\qt-5.4.0-x64-msvc2012-compact\qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.4.0\qtbase\src\plugins\sqldrivers\oci
    qmake oci.pro

    I've many searched in the Net and tried some manipulation but I've not understund what is my problem.

    Can anyone help to resolve this problem. Many thank in advance.
    Best regards.