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ethernet / ip industrial protocol

  • greetings,
    i would like to know how can i communicate over the ethernet/ip protocol from qt applications
    just like qt supports QSerialPort, is there any thing like QIndustrialProtocol class that manages the same?
    Note: this is not the same as tcp/ip in which case qt already has <QtNetwork>

  • @MMRtheDeveloper
    Hi and welcome to devnet

    The place to start is checking out the examples for Tcp communication. There are the fortune client and server examples.
    You can run both applications at the same time from the same machine. They show you the simple mechanisms required in Qt.

    For TCP comms is the QTcpSocket class.

    The examples above you can check thorugh the debugger step by step for instance.

  • @koahnig You are confusing Industrial Protocol with Internet Protocol. EtherNet/IP is an industry standard based of CIP used in build automation in assembly lines. This is the protocol used by most (if not all) Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

    @MMRtheDeveloper we've been using in our Qt app to talk to our PLC. However, EtherNet/IP is proprietary and even if OpENer is open source, you still need to buy a license from ODVA. I don't think there is anything else out there already made or adapted for Qt.