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Qt libraries 4.7.2 for Windows (Visual Studio 2008)

  • I have just downloaded and successfully installed the pre-compiled libraries for Windows.

    Could someone please help me understand which configure options are enabled in this build? Specifically, I am interested to learn whether OpenSSL is enabled (-openssl-linked option).


  • I guess not.

    If you look into the configure file of source code distribution you will find following section:

    -no-openssl ........ Do not compile support for OpenSSL.

    • -openssl ........... Enable run-time OpenSSL support.
      -openssl-linked .... Enabled linked OpenSSL support.

    Since there is a '+' in front of "openssl" this is the default option for generating the distribution.

    However, in order to be sure I would recomment to compile the complete library with the option you require. Besides taking a while it is typically not very challenging as far as you are not compiling for exotic platforms.

    [EDIT: fixed formatting, Volker]

  • So is it safe to assume that the pre-compiled library was built with only the default options?

  • The only one who may be able to answer your question without any doubts is the engineer running the scripts.

    However, see it from a logical viewpoint. It is not logical to build different versions not observing the default values. There might be exceptions for specific platforms, but I would not expect it for desptop builds. The default values are set to represent the typical values for compilation. If the Qt engineers would do different it would create quite a mess for them.

    If you want to make very sure what you have, you have to generate the build yourself. That is the only recommendation I can give you. It takes a bit of time, but it worked so far for me.

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