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Menu not working

  • Hi there,
    I created a project with QtCreator / QtDesigner under version 4.x. Since 5.x the top left menu (which is generally called "File") is not responding to clicks any more. Clicking the menu to the right (would be "Edit") brings the second menu up and if the mouse pointer is moved to the left, the contents of the first menu are shown correctly. But as said, the first menu does not repond to clicks.
    EDIT: This is actually not directly concerning a specific menu but about the 100 most left pixels of the menu bar. It's like there is a completely transparent something on top of it, but I never added such a thing.
    I have googled and didn't find anything. Has anyone experienced / solved a similar problem?

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    Maybe there's a widget that you didn't put into a layout? The default position of such widget is in the upper left corner and the 100px sound like some default size.

    Try adding this in your main:

       qApp->setStyleSheet("QWidget { border: 2px solid red;}");

    This should put a red frame around every widget so you'll see if anything's there.

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