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Two forum issues - and no forum to post them to

  • I dump them here, until a friendly souls points me to the right place:

    1. Could you please, please open the markdown documentation which I get pressing that "?" icon above the test area in a new tab, instead of nuking my post? Thank you.
    2. For some reason, line breaks within code blocks are ignored. At least I found no way to retain them.

    line 1; (line break is here) line 2; (line break is here) line 3;

  • Hi,

    1. It works in that way for me (it opens a new tab).
      What is your OS/Browser (I'm on OS X with Chrome)

    2. To have multi-line block code you have to use ``` <your code> ```

    line 1;
    line 2;
    line 3;

    At this link You'll find the right syntax

  • @Asperamanca
    Probably this forum would be better.

    i have just checked your first point. I have similar problems as you. However, when doing a reply the already entered text reappeared.

    @mcosta I am on Chrome as well. It does not open a new tab on my win7 machine.

  • I'm using Firefox on Win7.

    And btw., at least for German keyboard users, the ` is a stupid character. Because it depends on the next key what happens to it: à or è or ù or ò or ì are all nice and good, but that's not what I want when I intend to type a code block.

    I saw that webservices forum. For some reason I assumed something else from the name. Any way to move the topic there?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Yep, done :)

  • Thanks, good points.

    1. I'll look into it. The doc in the link isn't really so useful. I'm looking at having quick links in the editor for the common style actions. This probably could be changed in the style we use.

    2. I can't really help with keyboards. The Finnish keyboard is really bad for coding, but this once it has the ` fairly accessible.
      It might be possible to assign some other character to the same use. But I'll have to investigate that separately. And any changes like that need to be done as plugins.

  • Hi,

    regarding the issue to open link in a different tab there's a setting in the profile managment page to enable it

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