[Solved]Change Box('.notdef' glyph) to space.

  • Hi,
    I want to change box to space in text string when renderring glyphs through freetype. I patchs qfontengine.cpp & qfontengine_ft.cpp in Qt5.3.1 and it works on my ubuntu PC(without fontconfig). But in our embeded enviroments it still shows the .notdef glyph.

    I set QT_QPA_FONTDIR and there is only one same .ttf file under specified directory on both platform. I think the enviroments both are the same and on my pc it seems the patchs covers All possible code flows when debugging not that there's no way to debug our embeded device. But what's the thing makes this diffence happen?

    The patchs url is https://github.com/EightFingerDhuta/qt/tree/master/box2space. Is it that i omit something? Can anyone help me out ?

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