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ListView scrolling automatically

  • Hi, I have a ListView with a lot of items, and I want to know if it has a way to see the items without scrolling. Like, just appear one item at the time, until the end of the list always in the same space. I can do this with pathview, but the items are overlapping and I can't see them.


  • When you say scrolling automatically do you mean moving the position on the list without scrolling it with touch events or mouse? Are you asking for a circular list? that you can move to the end and it will start again? I believe you need pathview for this, what is the path that you have where the items overlap?

  • @Iktwo yes, this is what I want, it's basically like the example set shown on this page: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-pathview.html
    but I have a lot of items and they are overlapping, and I can not change it ..

  • Have you tried setting pathItemCount?

  • @Iktwo Yes I tried. But if I put pathItemCount: 3 , just appear the first 3 items of the list, and if I put 100, they are overlapping..

  • And you want to see them all, correct? Could you share the Path that you are using?

  • @Iktwo Yes I want to see them all, but one by one..

    I have this:

                        height: 200
                        width: parent.width
                        color: "blue"
                        anchors.top: parent.top
                        border.color: "black"
                        border.width: 1
                        radius: 5
                        clip: true
                        PathView {
                                anchors.fill: parent
                                model: latContent
                                pathItemCount: 3
                                //currentIndex : 2
                                delegate: Component {
                                                Text {
                                                      font.pointSize: 14
                                                      text: modelData
                                        path: Path {
                                            startX: 120; startY: 100
                                            PathQuad { x: 120; y: 25; controlX: 260; controlY: 75 }
                                            PathQuad { x: 120; y: 100; controlX: -20; controlY: 75 }
    latContent is my list from Bluetoothsocket, so basically my list could be 'infinite'.

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