QComboBox on Mac not Showing Popup List on click

  • I have a QComboBox (Qt 5.4 on Mac) that will only show the popup when I click to the right of the icon and label within the empty space of the control (or click the button itself). Maybe this is a default MAC behavior? In any case, I'd like for a click anywhere on the control to display the listview. Is this something I would need to implement manually or should it work automatically?

  • I don't see this on either of my computers (Mountion Lion and Yosemite + Qt 5.4). The list would appear if I click anywhere on the combo box.

    I don't have any icons in the QComboBox items. Not sure if this matters or not. Also I am using the default 'aqua' OSX style.

  • @Rondog Great, thanks. Hopefully that means it is me. I'll dumb down my sample a bit more and see what I get.

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