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Jambi synchronisation problem

  • Hello, I would like to ask if somebody could help me with following problem. Im proramming breakout game in Qt Jambi in Java. Everything works great except one thing... the speed of movement of the ball (animation) changes sometimes. I was wondering if it couldnt be problem with the synchronisation beacause when I was programming in java swing i had the same problem and i just used Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit.sync(); function and everything worked well. But when i tried to find something like Toolkit or some kind of graphic synchronisation in Jambi i wasnt sucessful.
    Does anybody know how to resolve this problem? If necessary i will post the code.
    Thanks for reponse:)

  • We do have separate forum for language bindings, but I’m not sure this is really Jambi specific question...

    Anyway, about actual problem, I suppose the code would help. What Jambi version you are using? And please use paragraphs to make text more readable, I find it hard to actually understand what you are trying to do now.

  • finally, I did not need the synchronisation toolkit like in swing. The low FPS was caused by the fact that I had been launching the application under IDE on slower PC. Now it works great:)

    And I understand I will write posts there. Thank you :)

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