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Custom window draging handler

  • Hello, I have made following window dragging handler, but the problem is that the moving is not smooth. The window is "shaking" when I move it.

    MouseArea {
        anchors.fill: parent
        property variant clickPos: "1,1"
        onPressed: {
            clickPos  = Qt.point(mouse.x,mouse.y)
        onPositionChanged: {
            var delta = Qt.point(mouse.x-clickPos.x, mouse.y-clickPos.y)
            rootApplicationWindow.x += delta.x;
            rootApplicationWindow.y += delta.y;
        propagateComposedEvents: true

    I am using this custom handler, because I am using FramelessWindow, so I can make whole UI custom, without native toolbars etc.

    Can someone tell me, if it is possible to create custom handler, which won't shake the window when draggin?

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