QWebKit assert on url starting with '/'

  • Hi all

    I'm trying to use QWebKit for manage custom google maps. I use an html page with code for load google maps, something like:


    unfortunately in debug mode an assert was generated by the webkit code. The assert come from the following code inside the KURL.cpp file:

    static inline void checkEncodedString(const String& url)
    ASSERT_UNUSED(url, url.isEmpty() || isSchemeFirstChar(url[0]));

    The url generating the assert is the following:


    Basically the wekbit function isSchemeFirstChar return an exception if the url start with the character '/' instead of most common 'http' or similar. In release mode no problem and all is working but this assert make impossible to debug the software. Someone know a workaround for allow me to debug my application ignoring this problem? The platform is Visual Studio 2013 with 32 bit Qt library.

    Thank you

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