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[SOLVED]Error while using signal slots with arrays.

  • I have two classes:

    class Details : public QWidget


    class Viewport : public QMainWindow

    Inside my Viewport constructor I initialise

    m_details = new Details;

    and connect them using signals/slots

    connect(this, SIGNAL(thisUpdated(int, int, int)), m_details, SLOT(update(int, int, int)));

    I have declared the signal for the Viewport

        void thisUpdated(int, int, int);

    and the slot for my Details class

    private slots:
        void update(int, int, int);

    I emit my signal in this manner

    thisUpdated(*vals1, *vals2, length);

    vals1 and 2 are arrays

    int * vals1;      
    vals1 = new int[length];

    and inside my Details view the slot is implemented like this

    void Details::update(int val1, int val2, int length)
        // some operations.

    If I run the program though I get

    QObject::connect: No such slot QWidget::update(int, int, int) in

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here?

  • Hi ealione,

    do you have the Q_OBJECT macro in your Details class?

  • Hi sneubert,
    No I had forgotten to add that.

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