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vs2013 rebuilds everything everytime, qtcreator doesn't

  • Using Visual studio plugin 1.2.4 with 5.4.x. Didn't have this problem with 5.2 and VS2012. Any suggestions (besides using only qtcreator)?

    I don't have to change any code. Just click the build button and everything rebuilds. The first compile task is always the moc step, so somehow it thinks the .moc files are stale. Then everything depending on the moc files gets rebuilt.

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    I remember having this problem some time ago after updating Qt version.
    I'm not sure this was the only thing needed but make sure to remove the entire build directory and rebuild your project.

    If that doesn't help you might try this (possibly for each file that has Q_OBJECT macro):

    • remove (don't just comment out, remove entirely) the Q_OBJECT macro
    • save the file (this forces Qt plugin to remove generated files configuration for that file)
    • add the Q_OBJECT macro back
    • save the file (this will force Qt plugin to regenerate moc information for that file)

    Try this with one file and if it helps repeat with others.

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