Using QML TreeView in Qt5.5 alpha, how to create my own treemodel class?

  • I found an treeview QML example, it use qfilesystemmodel, but it is very complicated for me to learn

    I understand treeview in QML only support model class derived from QAbstractItemModel
    so parent, index, data should be derived

    my question is how to do that?


    • I think you can do what you do in C++ for QTreeView

  • Same question, that I have.

    In QML, how do you create a model with children?

    ex of what i'd want (that doesn't work):

    model: ListModel {
        ListElement {
            name: "Parent"
            children: [
                 ListElement {
                     name: "Child0"
                 ListElement {
                     name: "Child1"

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