Debug the Framework with QtCreator

  • Hi,
    I've been working with QtCreator for a while now and while debugging an issue I think I might have detected a problem within the qt framework itself (related to event management).

    In order to verify this I have build Qt 5.4.1 on my local machine (debug/dev build) and I have set my project to use this for compiling my own project. But even though I am using the qt libraries I have compiled myself now, Qt Creator does not allow to navigate the code (via ctrl+click) of the framework itself, instead it is only possible to view the main header files (but not their implementation files). What am I doing wrong?

    (In case this explanation was too complicated, just navigate to qwidget.h in QtCreator and ctrl+click on "bool event(QEvent *);" (line 601 IIRC). Nothing happens. Although with a copy of Qt I have compiled myself, it should navigate to the implementation file in question, shouldn't it?)

    Greetings and thanks in advance for your assistance!

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