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  • Hello everyone,

    I find "Follow Symbol Under Cursor" feature very useful and I use it frequently in my everyday work. But there is one issue, which sometimes makes this feature totally useless.
    Mostly I am working with C/C++ projects in Qt Creator and if I have some function defined in 1 header (interface), but there is several different implementations (depending on build configuration), pressing the "Follow Symbol Under Cursor" shortcut just moves me to one of the implementations, so I have no chance to choose, in which implementation I am interested in right now.
    From my point of view, it will be more useful, if in case of more than 1 implementation Qt Creator will ask me about it (some drop-down list, for example), so I will be able to choose particular implementation.

    Is there any additional configuration options in Qt Creator, which I should check, or there is no such functionality so far?

    UPDATE: I've created a suggestion ticket Qt's JIRA:

  • Hi,
    The solution is in multiple files. When you have multiple definitions of your functions and only 1 declaration you should place those definitions into multiple files and in your project file include the right cpp or c file that holds the wanted definition.
    #(CONFIGURED_A) // Or something like this, read the docs
    SOURCES += MyFirstFile.c
    SOURCES += MySecondFile.c

  • @Jeroentjehome
    Thanks for the reply. It fixes the problem, for sure.
    But in the other hand such feature would be very useful.
    I will create a feature request and post it here later, if somebody else is also interested.

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