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Qt creator -- turn off warnings for gint, etc

  • When I have code that references glib types, the code is underlined and if I mouseover, I get warnings like:

    "gint is not a type name"

    Is there any way to convince qt creator that this is OK?

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    Make the location of the relevant headers known to creator and include them properly in your code. Creator should not mind any types it sees the headers for.

  • the headers would be in /usr/include/glib-2.0/glib.h, etc. Where in Qt Creator do I configure this?

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    cbrake: You will have to edit your .pro-File.

    We try hard to not break things for comandline users. So creator relies heavily on the buildsystem used in the project (usally qmake with its .pro-files).

  • This is actually a autotools project, so there is no .pro file. I'm just using qt-creator as an editor/debugger, and it seems to know how to run Make, etc.

    I'm pretty sure this is an Qt Creator editor/indexer warning, not a compiler warning, but I could be wrong.

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    In autotools projects you will need to edit one of the helper files Creator uses. Check *.includes. The Syntax is really simple: Just put one include dir per line.

    You should probably want to update the other <PROJECTNAME>* files (leave the one ending in .user alone!), too. The names should be pretty descriptive and the syntax generally is one item per line. Creator's code completion and syntax highlighting will be severly crippled if you do not provide the full information on your project.

  • ahh, very good -- the following gets rid of most of the messages. It can't figure out gint64, but then neither can ctags ...


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    Great that creator works for you!

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