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Run app 32 bit on 64 bit system

  • Hello. If i manual copy files (qtwidgets, qtcored etc) to directory reatil - it works.

    Now, if i used windeployqt, i could run only app 64 bit, 32 bit not work:

    Error: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

    My applications must work on EVERYONE PC. People can not yourself choose version - 32bit or 64bit

  • Hi,

    what do you mean when you say "32 bit not work"?

    Windows 64bit is able to run 32bit application but the opposite is not true.
    If you don't want user choose the version,, 32bit is safer.

    IIRC starting from 8 (or also some version of 7) Windows in only 64bit

  • Your issue is that you must deploy the correct DLLs including the platforms. I did not have great luck with windeployqt personally. I ended up figuring out the DLLs and making sure when installed that I copied them as well.

    You also need to make sure you get the DLLs you need from the matching compiler version (Qt). It is easy to get the wrong ones.

    You can run 32 bit app just fine on Win 64. I make 32 the base for my app and it works just fine on both 32 bit Win7 and 64 bit Win7 and Win8.1.

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